Have you TILTed yourself over the edge?

Have you TILTed yourself over the edge?

Have you had a violent reaction to a complete change of diet or ‘lifestyle’?  Might you have provoked TOXICANT-INDUCED LOSS of TOLERANCE? It’s an apt name for the violent impact of a noxious exposure that knocks you completely out of kilter.
Have you TILTed yourself over the edge?

You can provoke a TILT reaction by trying to eat healthily after eating a sugar laden diet. Taking out trans-fats and other noxious substances at the same time doesn't help. It's a version of doing ‘cold turkey’ but it’s highly debilitating in its worse form.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a recognised medical condition. (Ref: Department of Health Maryland USA 1989). It takes away the stigma of a psychosomatic or ‘all in the head’ diagnosis.

Research since then has shown that the TILT spectrum of disorders leads to loss of tolerance to specific chemicals, foods, herbals, and/or complex homoeopathic preparations as well as conventional drugs.

What causes TILT?

  • Paint and/or thinner
    Organic Solvents
    Pesticides (eg on fruit and vegetables)
    Detergents (particularly washing powders)
    Laurel Sulphate in shampoo and toothpaste
    Ammonium compounds
    Solder flux and welding fumes
    Petrol (gasoline)
    Paraffin (kerosene)
    Nail polish
    Carbon tetrachloride
    Dental and/or other metals
    Polyvinyl chloride
    Sulphur dioxide and/or sulphur-based preservatives
    Wood dust and/or resin

Responses can involve almost every organ system, including the renal (kidney)system, the cardiovascular system as well as the digestive system. Reactions can include mild tummy upsets to sever gastritis and diarrhoea, heart palpitations to anaphylaxis. It has been linked to ADHD, depression, nose and ear infections, chronic fatigue symptoms, eczema and asthma, fibromyalgia, arthritis, irritable bowel disease and high blood pressure. This list is not comprehensive but it will surely give you an idea of how serious this problem is, and how it is on the increase.

As always, prevention is better than coping with a reaction.

I always look deeply into nutrition, lifestyle and possible exposure to hazards using a Functional Medicine Time Line. All details give a picture of how a person came to be so ill. Removing the possible causes and lightening the toxic load will be the first point of starting recovery. After that a careful chelation programme to remove toxins by binding them to certain supplements so that the body can excrete them through the bowels is also vital. A hair mineral test will show the toxic metal levels although since soft tissue holds on to most heavy metal toxins, the test will probably not show the real level of e.g. mercury until the second or third test when it stats to dislodge.

TILT is the effect of pollution by the bucket full. A drastic change of diet is not advisable without the support of an advisor who has been trained to identify and treat this ‘on the rise’ syndrome.

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