The Value of Water in Health


Hydration is essential for rapid healing

It is a commonly held belief that health problems can be caused by a lack of vitamins and minerals. However, this may be an over simplification. The first point is that when the body is presenting an illness profile, there is as great a need for the body to detoxify first before adding in lots of supplements. It is probably more accurate to say that the toxic profile is more one of excess than lack of, so calcium in excess leads to misplacement of this vital mineral leading to osteoporosis, rather than it being a calcium deficiency per se.

How can supplements be used?

The most common way is for them to be prescribed in high doses. If the person is already toxic, then pushing more vitamins and minerals into their system can be an added burden causing more stress to an already stressed body. The natural ability to cleanse becomes even more diminished so we can say that high dose vitamins is a suppressive process, leading to an altered state but not allowing full healing. In other words, rather than the supplements bringing movement, freedom and cleansing the body, it leads to stagnation.

The holistic way supplements can be used is to prescribe them to detoxify before nurturing.  The body needs to be cleansed before it can absorb more. Addressing mobilization of the lymph, increasing circulation and opening up routes of elimination IS A VALUABLE FIRST STEP.

The key to bring about the change in a self-empowered way is to help the body to rehydrate. These are the main causes of dehydration in the body.

What causes dehydration?

Stress – when people are feeling stressed it causes dehydration and when they are dehydrated it causes further stress to the body, becoming a circle of stressfulness.

Diuretic drinks – tea, coffee, alcohol, soft drinks or sodas, chocolate (not raw cacao), any sugary drinks. Tap water at the weekend has extra levels of chlorine and could be considered a toxin.

Over-challenging foods – worst of all is junk food, or industrial food cleverly manufactured to look like the real thing but which is as far removed from real food as it is possible to be. Foods that have been treated with pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and stimulants to rapid growth. Eating the wrong balance of foods. Eating foods out of season (include in this exotic fruits that are usually higher in fructose).

Vaccinations – the long term vibration of a disease picture keeps the body on constant alert and causes extreme stress and dehydration.

Pollution – air pollution, noise pollution, electromagnetic pollution from mobiles, pollution from wi fi which is everywhere but unseen, air travel with organophosphates and insect repellents used in-cabin, air conditioning and recycled air.

Toxins placed in the mouth

DRUGS, prescribed and recreational

Breaking of natural rules, not living with respect to seasons, eating seasonally etc.

The above list is not exhaustive but is a typical profile of every person I see in my clinic who has health problems. Suffering from various symptoms and then taking many supplements to rectify those problems can add one more factor to cause stress.

Some common symptoms of dehydration.

Lack of thirst – the body forgets how to be thirsty as most people drink for stimulation (tea, coffee). Many people confuse thirst for hunger and eat instead of drinking.

Constipation – the body removes high levels of fluid from the large intestine (faeces) to hydrate the body.

Fluid retention – as the toxins build up the body holds on to fluids to dilute the toxic effect. The toxicity is present due to dehydration impeding the ability to detoxify, another vicious circle. The most commonly used prescriptions are laxatives and diuretics.

Misplacement of fluids – dry or weepy eyes, vaginal dryness, skin dryness (eczema) and skin problems in general tend to come from dehydration.

Inflammation – dehydration always has to be present for inflammation to be present.

Low energy

Immune dysfunction – the person is always dehydrated at a cellular level with auto immune dysfunction.

The dehydration alert.

Many naturopaths suggest a water uptake of 2 to 3 litres to get the body started, with ensuing need to urinate frequently at first, which begins to wane as the body relearns how to store fluid.

When the body feels the signals of dehydration it produces cholesterol to place round the clee membranes. This protects the fluid around the cells and although it is supposed to be a short term positive move to keep the cells hydrated the long term effects are measured as stagnation and toxicity with toxins trapped in the cells and everywhere in the body. Bear in mind our bodies are always working to regain health or prevent decline of health into serious illness. It always does it’s best to preserve but we misinterpret this drive for homeostasis. We can see the need to stop short of short term dehydration (say in times of drought) but by leaving this ‘alert’ in place long term, serious problems are the result.

Additionally if this ‘alert’ is not switched off, the stagnation of toxins builds up. Drinking copious amounts of pure water can reduce this eventually but an important co-factor is a good supply of essential fatty acids.

The liver controls the body’s fluid biochemistry via fatty acids and water. The colon gives the body the reassuring message that it is not dehydrated via the food waste and water that pass through the bowels without problems of constipation or diarrhoea. For example, flaxseeds, hemp seeds and chia seeds give a good message and with these you have the oils of the seeds and the water presented in a mucilaginous form.

As soon as the body stops feeling dehydrated it stops producing too much cholesterol. (An important note – cholesterol blocks the effective use of essential fatty acids, preventing them from being converted to prostaglandins which are vital for the endocrine system).  The simple use of flaxseeds and others can halt the overproduction of cholesterol and provide omega 3, 6 and 9 to correct prostaglandin production and ultimately hormone production.

What we have to do is detoxify to rehydrate

Stage 1 – this stage includes diet and fluids. It is worth remembering that all food could be considered as alien to our body because it comes from our external environment. We start life being fed through the placenta, moving to breast milk (ideally) then a 50/50 ratio of breast milk and baby food, then progressing to a totally external food source. The best way to look at food is to see it as presenting a different vibrational challenge to our body. From this it is clear that the stronger the challenge the more dehydrating the food becomes. Industrial food is challenging and dehydrating to the body. It is only when the body is dehydrated that it produces histamines to cause allergic reactions. The more dehydrated the person the more essential it is to begin with a clean diet and clean water.

Grains – the most challenging for hydration are in order – wheat, rye, oats, barley rice and them millet.

Proteins – the most challenging is pork, then beef, lamb, chicken, small fish then pulses, nuts then seeds. Sprouting pulses and seeds is also very hydrating. Dairy is challenging because of the mucosal formation when digesting in the gut, making acute dehydration likely.

Fresh vegetables and fruit – best to keep to an apple a day and a few berries when in season.

Ideally eating millet, seeds and nuts, light pulses and small fish, lots of vegetables, green and orange preferably, and drinking at least 2 litres of water a day to overcome dehydration. The consequent need to urinate frequently diminishes with time. This will allow the body to start detoxifying.

Another method is to fast every week for 12 hours, or more if you are fit and well. This is one of the best ways to detoxify but should only be undertaken when the body is able to cope.

Stage 2 – this stage includes using supplements to return the body to homoeostasis. It’s important to keep up the seeds and pulses, fresh vegetable and good protein. It is vital to keep a good source of omega 3, 6 and 9 going for essential fatty acids to help hormone production. Olive oil is now considered to be vital for brain health as well as cardiovascular health. Aloe Vera, slippery elm and foods from sources such as which are in powder forma and therefore extremely easy to uptake the nutrients, are also important.

By the time Stage 1 and Stage 2 are in action, the body will have enough strength and hydration to start the process of detoxification, which in turn will completely alter the signs and signals presenting.

Stage 3 – the remaining symptoms can then be treated with supplementation of minerals and vitamins where necessary without placing too much strain on the body.

Taking supplements creates an internal elimination. If the person is deficient in magnesium, for example, it is likely to be displacing sodium and potassium plus calcium will by definition be elevated causing deposition in joints and skin first, later moving to furring and hardening of the arteries. If body electrolytes are not flowing, represented by Calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, the displaced toxicity is will not be able to flow freely towards the liver and then towards leaving the body completely via a well-functioning bowel.

Routes of Elimination.

Not only must we create movement we muist alos re-open routes of elimination. The best and most comfortable route (and the safest) of elimination is via the liver and bowel. If this action is obstructed then the body will try other routes of elimination, for example the skin, leading to eczema, the lungs, leading to asthma, or dump it internally into cells and joints leading to arthritis.

Stage 1 and 2 will not only increase the overall movement in the body but will also greatly enhance liver and colon functions, via the seeds, the oils, the lecithins and omega 3 supplementation. The diet is swollen giving the right sort of message (feedback) all the way down to the bowels.

Supportive Techniques

Skin brushing – this will enhance the important function of the skin in detoxification by removing the outer scurf rim of the body the skin is our largest organ of detoxification and should be allowed to breath freely, so not using synthetic fabrics and remembering that whatever is placed on the skin will be in the blood system within 26 seconds. A shower head with a carbon filter to remove chlorine is therefore more important than a bottle fitted with a carbon filter or a Brita filter.

Hot and cold showering – alternating the shower with hot and cold water for up to three times will enhance lymph flow. The lymph flow tends to follow the blood flow but does not have its own pump (like the heart for blood circulation). When blood goes to the skin surface to lose heat, the lymph moves with it and when the blood goes deeply inside to conserve heat when the cold is applied, then the lymph moves with it.

Colonics – (clysmatic). This technique not only cleanses the bowel and the bowel walls thoroughly but also stimulates all the internal reflexes of the body as the water passes backwards and forwards over the bowel wall.

Enemas – many types of enemas can be administered via a ‘gravity douche bag’. Clean water can be used as a standalone, aloe vera, herbal infusions, apple cider vinegar (to alkalize the large bowel), and organic coffee and on occasion, dissolved supplements. These enemas are recommended for flushing out the bowels and can be self-administered, for absorption via the haemorrhoidal vein, in order to reach and treat the liver.