Is Stress Preventing you from Sleeping?

Sleep, Stress

Cortisol is possibly the biggest drive behind today’s modern diseases. Everyone has heard of ADRENALINE. Adrenaline gives an up-feeling or a surge of energy. CORTISOL moderates that feeling at the appropriate time in healthy individuals, but continues at low levels in the unhealthy individual leaving them with feelings of anxiety, stress and tiredness. All these lead to feeling sick and tired and worse – being unable to sleep!

Management of stress levels is the best way to avoid the problem. Having time to relax in a healthy way, like walking outside or by the seaside is good. Unhealthy relaxation, like watching television for longer than two hours, robs the body of the potential to turn off the cortisol and allow the melatonin to kick in (see my previous blog). The right balance is achieved by good nutrition, some exercise in fresh air (just a walk is enough) and good sleep. And the last one is the elusive one.

What’s more, prolonged stress leading to high cortisol, affects the liver’s ability to clear excess oestrogens from the blood. Excess oestrogen increases levels of thyroid binding globulin (TBG), the proteins that thyroid hormone is attached to as it’s transported through the body. When thyroid hormone is bound to TBG, it is inactive. You become hypothyroid-ish.

A simple liver detox can help with your sleep and thyroid function both at the same time. Overworking your liver with a highly process diet, not enough vegetables and not enough good pure water is going to affect how you sleep.

What about a simple brain detox as well! One of the benefits of omega 3 essential fatty acid (clue’s in the name, ‘essential’) is that it encourages the production of serotonin during the day which flips into melatonin production at that critical moment. It also helps build neural pathways. Some studies are emerging that omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial in triggering the brains healing process after traumatic brain injury. Personally I take a high split dose of omega 3 EPA (which converts to DHA) four times a day with the result – massive improvement of my sleep patterns. are my preferred company because of the research behind their products.

Next time you look at yourself in the mirror, decide if you have the apple shaped body, defined as bird legs/round tummy! A lower hip measurement with a bigger waist measurement is a sure sign you are heading towards, or may already have, Cortisol processing problems leading to sleep problems.

Magnesium is well known as a sleep aid, as is L-theanine (found in black tea) but did you know that hops aids sleep, so even something as simple as a hops and lavender filled pillow will help, or drinking a hops infusion before bedtime. The Montmorency Cherry has naturally occurring melatonin and is a godsend when taken in that critical time before sleep.

What if you don’t take any action? Does it get any worse! Well, yes it does. I’m constantly surprised by those people who think they can get away with poor dietary habits and stressful lives and not be seriously affected by it. One of the saddest parts of many people’s attitude to their own health is they think they can get away with popping along to the doctor when they need fixing.

The Hair Mineral Analysis offered on this web site will identify whether your system is stressed and wired or if you have reached stressed and tired. Or worse! Total exhaustion.

It will identify why this may be happening by revealing your electrolyte balance (hydration and cellular function).

It will reveal how you are processing your food, whether you have a leaky gut, whether you are malnourished, whether your thyroid is functioning at a sub clinical low level, whether your adrenals are functioning sub optimally.

It will reveal if you levels of toxins are very high. Toxic overload, because of poor lifestyle or just plain unawareness, is a major cause of STRESS to the body (therefore a reason to produce lots of extra cortisol when you don’t need it).

It will reveal if you have an insomnia type 1 or type 2 profile.

Plus it will give you a sound nutritional supplement programme to address all the problems you have with dietary changes to make you feel much better.

What’s not to like? Get in touch through the pages on this web site or send me a text and we can have a chat about your concerns.