About me

About me...

I wasn't always passionate about health! When my family suffered huge health problems all that changed!

Now, I want you to feel confident in my training and dedication.  I've listed the journey of qualifications below! I want you to feel happy in my care. I've dedicated myself to finding the best health-giving solutions for you.  Using not only the power of nutrition, but also applying the art of kinesiology.

The protocols I have worked out are based on science not hearsay. It's important for you to know I use only the most reputable laboratories based in the U.S.A and London for all clinical laboratory testing.

"I could never ignore the importance of 'Energy Medicine' - now my work is a fusion of - Body, Mind,  Spirit"

Today, working from clinics in Darlington and Newcastle, I empower and inspire people to discover their power to heal no matter how complex the problem. I'll give you time to discuss your medical history. Time to dig deep and find the root causes of your loss of health. Time for gentle, nurturing treatments, advice for life and supplements based on science and delivered with love.

Credentials - Cynthia Sillars KFRP, Naturopath NNA, Consultant Nutrition Coach, NLP Practitioner, Applied Phytobiophyics ®       

- Naturopathic Nutrition Association Registered Associate
- Anatomy and Physiology with Applied A & P
- Consultant Nutritional Advisor

- Hair Mineral Analysis Registered Practitioner   Samples are sent to a Texas Laboratory where the samples are processed to reflect high levels of Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA)   Trace Elements Inc is a licensed and certified clinical laboratory, undergoes regular inspections by Clinical Laboratory Division of the Department of Health and Human Services, HCFA & uses ICP-Mass Spectrometry, the most modern and expensive analytical technique to be applied to routine elemental analysis.

Click here to find out more http://www.traceelements.com

G.I. Effects Comprehensive Stool Profile

G.I. Effects Comprehensive Stool Profile (Registered trade mark)

- Genova Diagnostics Europe https://www.gdx.net/uk/

  • G.I Effects Stool Profile
  • Comprehensive Parasitology
  • Thyroid Hormone Profiles
  • Genovations Genetic testing

And many, many more - call or contact me through the Contact page for more information Contact me

Pioneers of a unique range of Food State™ vitamin and mineral supplements from USA   Food State™ products are “nutrients which are naturally and beneficially combined with appropriate natural food source materials” https://www.cytoplan.co.uk/ Cytoplan has 40 years experience in the promotion of Food State™  nutrients - classified as RAW FOOD - the growth and manufacturing process used in their creation never goes above 46oc which permits the RAW FOOD status.

Bringing you nature's best from Igennus

Achieving and sustaining good health naturally through diet and careful supplementation  Products sourced using only the highest quality raw ingredients provided by nature and proven to be efficacious, safe and well tolerated  Find out more on   https://igennus.com/ 

Registered Practitioner KFRP - click below to go through to web site.


Rainbow man


Institute of Phytobiophysics ® Registered Practitioner
The Institute of Phytobiophysics ® was established in 1990 and was affiliated to the Open International University of Complementary medicine in 1992. The Science of Psycho-Neuro-Endocrinology has now advanced to the stage where we are beginning to understand the mechanism of "Tissue Memory" and communication between e.g. the microbiome and the brain. 

Mindfulness Meditation Guide with Mindfulness Meditation offered in the Workplace.

- Sound therapy with Tuning forks and Otto forks

- Sound therapy with Tuning forks and Otto forks



Neuro Linguistic Programming

- International NLP Association Registered Practitioner

- Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as 'Tapping' for deep trauma release 

Consultation Cynthia Sillars


- Master practitioner in the tradition of Reiki Jin Kei Do

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