DAB-DAB: the healing pathway

healing, healing

I have a favourite mnemonic to explain how the healing pathway works. This ‘memory aid’ is applied to everyone I meet.  It assesses the potential for that person to move forward in their pathway to better health.  What is this mnemonic? What is the healing pathway?

DAB-DAB – read on to find out more…

D – Denial. If someone is in denial are they likely to make progress? Not really! What has brought them to my door is a determination prove that nothing can be done. They don’t really want to change. They are not ready to take responsibility for their health. They’ve heard good reports, but they don’t really believe them. They maybe come once.

A – Anger. If someone is in denial they are also going to be angry. However, I would be happier seeing someone who is angry than someone who is in denial. Anger shows me that there is potential. That person may listen, filled by their anger they may take some action. Anger is always ‘Why me’? and I can work with them.

B – Bargaining. For the healing journey to being, action has to be taken. But what sort of action? I see people who will be half hearted about recommendations I make and do nothing. They might not even read the brochure I give them. They might order a CD to support self esteem or overcome grief, but not listen to it. But later on, they might be ready to pick up the recommendations when they have heard the same information form several sources, be it TV, a friend, a web site – anything that draws their attention.

D – Depression. Very tough, but closer to where a person has to be to start to pull themselves out of the trough of despair. Their first consultation may be the first occasion they have a glimmer of hope. Or not.

A – Acceptance. Sometimes a person has to go through all of the above to get to acceptance. They can flip between anger to bargaining to depression in a day, finally seeing a way forward to send an email. This is also very brave. The unknown when you are ill takes courage. This person is likely to gain knowledge to help themselves and acceptance will lead them to healing.

And the last one – B – BINGO! to complete the mnemonic there has to be a ‘Hey, I get it’ moment! That’s the moment that brings a smile to my heart. I love seeing people get well, learn how heal what was supposedly something they would have to live with for the rest of their life.

It doesn’t matter where, when or what you do – but doing something positive is the most important action you can take in life, in any sphere of your life. DO SOMETHING POSITIVE EVERY DAY. For yourself. For someone you love. For a friend. For someone you dislike (very positive)!!