Nutrition & Wellbeing

Wellbeing depends upon so many factors. A positive mental attitude is important.  Getting out in the fresh air is important too.  Eating healthy food makes a huge difference.

However, to recover your health, finding out what’s making you feel sick and tired all the time is of vital importance. Well-being has been understood for thousands of years. How come we have lost this knowledge?

Here is a link to Zen Buddhist Thich Naht Hahn, comparing ill-being and well-being.

What might be the hidden causes of your health problems?

Sometimes a consultation will reveal enough to make recommendations to move away from ill-being into well-being. A consultation can be held in my clinic in Darlington. Or it can be by Zoom, especially in the evenings if you are now back at work.

Sometimes only Lab tests will conclusively show what is happening inside your body. How healthy is your microbiome? Do you have food intolerances? Are you absorbing essential fatty acids, and more. It’s incredibly important to invest in yourself to recover your health.To change from ill-being to well-being.

Genova Diagnostics is a leading laboratory in the UK for Comprehensive Stool Analysis. It assess the ROOT CAUSES of most Gastro Intestinal problems. By identifying gut inflammation, imbalances in microbes, and insufficiencies in absorbing or digesting food. These Functional Imbalance Scores help direct targeted therapeutic recommendations and now, it has support options included on the front page of the report. This means it is possible to prioritise test findings and treatment based on score severity.

Genova is the first laboratory to introduce an Inflammation-Associated Dysbiosis score and a Methane Dysbiosis score. These patterns of dysbiosis or dysbacteriosis can help treatment interventions.

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Have you ever heard the story of the Dr William Beaumont, a US Army surgeon whose patient, a Canadian trapper called Alexis St Martin, had a gun shot wound which would not heal? It allowed the good surgeon the opportunity to observe the unfortunate trapper’s gastric processes. From this Dr Beaumont was able to record the psychological, physical and immunological stresses on his patient’s gastrointestinal tract. It was a particular fascination for the doctor to see the impact stress had on his patient’s guts.

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