earth fire water and air

earth fire water and air

Do we seek the miraculous? But is it sometimes hidden in plain view?
Not a day goes by without some herb, nut, berry oil or mushroom being declared a ‘super nutrient’. What do all these super nutrients (as well as us) depend upon?

A philosophical concept of man’s essential requirements are Earth Fire Water and Air. It’s a fundamental concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine. A question everyone should ask themselves is ‘How long can you last and not eat anything or drink water’? Whatever the answer is, take that time, divide it by ten, hold your breath for that period. You can’t do it – air outstrips everything in it’s fundamental need.

The law of survival taught in wilderness schools is simple: 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food and 3 months without hope. In our quest for the ultimate nutrient we may have lost sight of this simple truth. The key to health is how oxygenated your blood is. Then how hydrated your body is, including the blood that flows in your body.

Without good water and a clean air supply we are not going to be well. Think about this and ask yourself if you are getting good enough water and clean enough air. If you aren’t – do something about it.

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