Ancient yoga practices understood that the power of yoga was not purely in the physical body but in the photonic light it created within the aura of the body. Once we understand the adverse forces affecting us and our health, we can protect ourselves from illness-producing consequences.

Ancient yoga understood all of this. By detoxing the body from negative thoughts we release more physical toxins. Emotional toxins vibrate on a frequency of many of our most dangerous toxins. Holding on to negative thoughts means we hold on to damaging toxins.

Fasting from time to time allows for the breakdown of cellular debris. Even fasting for twelve hours (eating supper early and breakfast at 8.00am) will encourage detoxification.

Stretching the light-conductive facia of your body through yogic exercises builds up your body into a light-absorbing and light-emitting instrument. The more light we absorb, the more light and energy we have.

We can use it for the good of our selves and the good of all that lives.

A brilliant book I recommend describing this light energy detoxification process is by Ana Forrest, ‘Fierce Medicine – Breakthrough Practices to Heal the Body and Ignite the Spirit’.