Frequently asked questions to help you decide what to do next

FAQs - hopefully this will answer a few of your questions but if you have more, my mobile is the place to go! 07599 520406

Q. Where are you based?

A. At the present time I now have one clinic only.

  • The clinic is in Darlington at http://www.blackwellbusinesscentre.co.uk/
  • I'm there on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays by special request. there is free parking in the vicinity.
  • I can collect you by arrangement from Darlington station if you are travelling by train

Q. How do I go about booking an appointment?

A. The best way is to contact me through the contact page by clicking through. You can also telephone me to find out more by mobile. My number is 07599 520406. If you decide to come to see me then filling in a Registration form prior to your appointment saves valuable time otherwise spent on administration at the first appointment. Registration form is here

Q. How much is the consultation?

A. The appointments are all timed at 2 hours approximately and my fees are £120.00.  We have time to really dig deep to find out what triggered your health crisis. You receive a complimentary brochure full of ideas and recommendations to take home and get started straight way. This is a personalised programme, everyone's problems are unique. The consultation does not include laboratory tests. These are listed separately. Lab testing

Q.  What other testing do you offer?

A. I am passionate about the G.I. Effects Stool Profile from Genova Diagnostics laboratories in the USA and UK. They are considered to be the best in the world at the present time. It is accessible to the layperson so you understand the results. It is important to me that you become an expert on yourself and your health. This is one of my core values.

Q. You do something called Kinesiology. What is this?

A. Kinesiology was discovered by a man called John Thee, who went on to develop Touch for Health. From here the concept that testing the strength or weakness of a muscle would respond in a certain way to reveal health problems was born. The work that I do focuses on energy vortexes along the central body line (called Chakras). By restoring the energy balance to optimum function, the physical body becomes calm, the mind becomes less agitated and health starts to return. I support kinesiology with flower formulas, not the Bach Flower Remedies but much more powerful ones call Phytobiophysics. Please read about this amazing work here  http://www.dianamossop.com/

Q. Do you do group work?

A. I have worked with Lynne McTaggart for several years doing Healing with Intention group therapy. These sessions are offered on Monday at present, but the day will change to encourage those who can attend only on another day to come along. No experience is required.  Please sign up to my Newsletter here https://www.cynthiasillars.co.uk/home/healing-intention-sign-up-form/ to keep in touch with future sessions.


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