Fiction becomes fact? The Thyroid myth

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Theory to fact – how does this happen?

One of the great ‘givens’ is how a well thought out theory moves to acceptance by everyone until it becomes a ‘fact’. The most famous in my mind is Darwin’s THEORY of Evolution. Everyone has accepted this theory for so long it is spoken about as FACT. Not so! IT REMAINS A THEORY UNTIL PROVEN.  As it so happens (not dwelling on this) it appears to be unwinding as theory right now! Read Yuval Noah Harari’s book SAPIENS to get to grips with this concept.

What if this were true with the theory of auto immune conditions. How often do you hear this referred to by both doctors and patients alike as auto immune ‘disease’? Surely it is a condition? A bigger question is, does the body attack itself? You have to ask yourself, ‘Why would my body attack itself’? Doesn’t ‘Myself’ love ‘Me’ anymore? And if so, why not’? This suggests something else might be going on at the very least, or that it’s time to change our mind-set.

Once theories hatch, they catch on quickly. When they’ve been around long enough and been repeated often enough, they get mistaken for fact. If medical research operates on the assumption of auto immunity (body attacks its ‘Self’) and that it is ultimately ‘all your own doing’ the self blame sets in and causes a block to recovery.

There is another approach otherwise known as ‘healing’. Heaven forbid that we can heal without outside physical interventions. Yet this is considered quackery. I see a lot of quackery on the other side of the fence, but on my side, I see people healing themselves by simple interventions. We are more energy than matter – another theory, this time of Einstein. This theory has yet to be disproved. Unlike Darwin’s theory which is already looking rather dated.