When did people ever eat so much fruit before? Have we evolved to cope with high levels of fructose? The answer to these questions is ‘NEVER BEFORE NOW’. It is evolutionary new and pathological. We need to go into fruit rehab over eating so much fruit.

Fruit is the scourge of our health, with extensive advertising on web sites purporting to rate it as a healthy food choice. Worse, with the introduction of puree-ing food in fancy liquidisers, the intake of fruit has increased dramatically in the last ten years.

Fruit sugar is fructose which requires processing before it’s energy can be released into the bloodstream. So whereas glucose is a source of energy used by all living cells and is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, fructose requires processing by the liver before its energy can be absorbed into the bloodstream, therefore it is technically a toxin.

Does it make a difference if it is consumed as a whole fruit? Yes! Eating the whole fruit does provide a degree of slow release of the fructose into the bloodstream as the flesh of the fruit is broken down by digestion. When it is in liquid form it requires little further processing leaving insulin to cope with stabilising blood sugar as it rushes into the body system.
If consumed as a white powder or grain i.e. table sugar or high fructose corn syrup, which is approximately 50% glucose and 50% fructose, sugar is probably one of the most toxic foods you can eat.

Consuming excess sugar can increase appetite and reduce energy.
Consuming excessive calories from fruit sugar (fructose) will affect key hormones that regulate energy metabolism and appetite leading to Insulin Resistance, Leptin Resistance, and Increased Ghrelin. Leptin is a powerful hormone to make you feel hungry. The hormone Leptin is a recent discovery. It is found in the fatty adipose tissue of the belly. What happens is that over time, the brain becomes resistant to Leptin signals. I am an expert on changing the ‘mind set’ of belly fat but it does take time to change the brain’s attitude!
If you want to eat your way to dementia it is now well understood that diabetes is a known risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease and also exacerbates cognitive impairment.
Stick to one organic apple a day and ditch the fruit as a healthy option is my advice.

(with thanks to Sue for the fab title)

Fruit to die for