Happy couple

Happy couple

I’m not just saying this. I know about laboratory testing. Some are very expensive. When the results come back they are difficult to interpret. If tests are from the NHS the blood serum is used, not the whole blood as it flows in your arteries! Yes, this does make a difference. Put simply, if serum blood tests reveal levels below normal this is of dire consequences. If the full blood is tested it’s a marker for health. Your hair grows out of ‘blood’ just as it is, not bits of it! It is a reflection of what is (too much or just the right amount) or what is lacking. Not enough of some important minerals can be really detrimental to health EXCEPT if it is a toxic mineral like arsenic! You might think ‘Who has arsenic in their hair these days? Well the answer is, hand on heart, more and more people and it appears to be rising.

So why wouldn’t you want to find out if you have enough of the good minerals and none of the bad minerals? Hair Mineral Analysis can be for healthy people wishing to become super healthy. Hair Mineral Analysis is for sports people who wish to increase their stamina and recovery. The results will give insight to improving your performance.

And what if you didn’t feel well, what if you have been trawling back to the doctor’s surgery ’til he/she is as sick of seeing you as you are of being seen by he/she? What if you know you have a problem and nobody can get to the bottom of it. You feel sick and tired all the time and YOU ARE SICK OF FEELING SICK AND TIRED ALL THE TIME. This test is the go-to for just this reason. Time you took back control and looked at your problem from a different perspective. Take ownership!

Your thyroid might be sluggish for very different reasons than elevated TSH. It’s called sub clinical thyroid for a reason. You don’t fit the profile for treatment.

Adrenal burn-out! You know it exists because you feel burnt out. But this is not a recognised medical diagnosis. Sub clinical adreal function can be related to some really important mineral deficiencies.

And my favourite bug-bear, dehydration. Being dehydrated is a big factor behind tiredness. It is something I see in practically everyone, that’s how widespread it is. If you drink gallons of water but just pee it out, you are probably unable to ‘convert’ the water into cellular hydration. This would show up in the hair analysis.

These are just simple but fundamental truths of being healthy. Who wouldn’t want to be healthy. Click here to get your Registration form and start the journey to health now. Skype consultations are welcome