Hair Mineral Analysis

hair mineral analysis
Hair Mineral Analysis is an important and valuable test for health symptoms.  For example, are you “Stressed and Wired” or “Stressed and Tired”? Because a comprehensive report is easy to understand so recommendations of action quickly help regain health. Because highlighting mineral defences before they become a bigger problem is invaluable. Because assessing whether you are a fast or slow metaboliser will explain why you feel the way you do. Because you can find out how your body reacts to food. And because this test works for everyone….This is why I recommend a Three Part Programme.

The first appointment covers your health history plus the sample is taken. In the second consultation the report and recommendations are explained. The third consultation is usually three months later to report progress. I highly recommend this programme.  Click on the link here for further information and invest in yourself. Three Part Package

It is also available as a single purchaseClick here to purchase.


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