Hidden Toxins in bread and dairy foods


It’s a tough life! Everything you like is suddenly off the menu when it comes to a detox! It makes you want to give up before you’ve started. DON’T GIVE UP! Get wise instead and teach yourself about the biggest con in the history of mankind. We are being fed a load of rubbish and that’s not funny.


Supermarket bread is made with over twenty ingredients, one of which is cysteine made out of feathers, fur and human hair. I first saw this on Great British Bake Off (my husband loves watching it, not me) as Paul Hollywood stood before his five ingredients to make bread, then walked over to another table with loads of ‘stuff’ on it. At the very end, he showed the group of Bake Off hopefuls a round glass bowl surrounded by three other smaller round glass bowls. The smell of the viscous black fluid in the biggest bowl made the contestants wretch. ‘That’, he said, ‘is made from human hair.’ It gives dough stretchiness. The other bowls were synthetic scents to disguise the awful smell of the black glue I. These don’t have to be listed under EU regulations because they are a part of the manufacturing process.

Its E number is E921 or E920. http://www.laleva.cc/food/enumbers/E901-970.html There are more.

What about yoghurt? It’s so creamy and enticing. So enticing it makes you want to eat the whole pot and then reach for more. Why is that? When did yoghurt become so moreish. it used to be rather bitter and sometimes gritty on the tongue. a couple of spoons for breakfast would suffice and it did a good job. It acted like a probiotic. Now even the organic brands slip around our mouths and we can’t get enough of them. A mega pot in the fridge can disappear over one evening. What have the manufacturers done to yoghurt? They’ve added emulsifiers. Again, it’s a part of the process so they don’t have to be listed on the side of the pot.

Emulsifiers induce low-grade inflammation, metabolic syndrome and colitis. (Only tested in mice so far, but still relevant). The mix provokes confusion in the gut/brain hormone signalling, leaving a feeling of ‘I want more’, called the Umami effect. And you end up eating the whole pot.

Where else do you get emulsifiers? They’re in mayonnaise, baked foods and ice cream. Watch out for them. Emulsifiers are similar to detergent like molecules. They disrupt the delicately balanced gut microflora causing mucosal breakdown in the intestines. This can lead to Crohn’s and Ulcerative colitis. The emulsifiers used in the mice study were carboxymethylcellulose and polysorbate-80.

Moving on to plain milk (yoghurt is made from milk) gives even more cause for alarm. One type of hormone specifically designed to increase milk production in cows is called recombinant bovine growth hormone (rbGH).  Raising amounts of this hormone triggers an increase in the production of another substance known as insulin-like growth factor or IGF-1. Researchers have linked above normal levels of IGF-1 in the human body with breast and prostate cancer. By consuming dairy products sourced from cows treated with rbGH (and therefore high levels of IGF-1), you might be raising the chances of developing such diseases. Definitely not Funny.

My advice.
Organic is much better when it comes to choosing any food, but especially dairy.
Maybe invest in a bread making machine. Take back control of what goes into your food.
Anything coming in packets will most likely be processed. Buy natural foods not wrapped up in a smoke screen of enticing but potentially harmful synthetic ingredients.