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Naturopathy - Health Naturally

Many health problems go deeper than the physical state of our bodies. But the body is a good place to start.  Most importantly, working with a Time Line, together we look deeply into what might have triggered your health problems. Sometimes this can go back years.  What might be happening to cause you pain and bloating? How did your tiredness become so overwhelming? When did all this feeling of brain fog start?

These are just some of the problems I encounter every day. There are many ways out of poor health. I can give you clear directions on the path to health. Then following on, advice for life

Advice for Life

- Some of the most effective treatments come about with simple, low cost (sometimes free!) solutions.

- I advise you on significant changes you can make following science, not trends.

- I suggest how you can make a big difference by simple changes. Maybe suggestions for one or more tests to get scientific analysis of your current state of health Click here to read my testimonials

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Hair Mineral Analysis

- A simple, painless way to check the body’s mineral levels and toxins

-Highly recommend the three part package to give optimum opportunity to make the most progress in as short a time as possible

- Suitable for everyone, including young children

- Highlights hidden deficiencies in minerals before they cause serious problems.

- Assesses whether your body is a fast or slow metaboliser - how your body processes food and converts it to energy

- Comprehensive report, easy for you to understand. .

-Contact me through the CONTACT PAGE or text 07599520406 for a call-back. Please leave your name and a best time to call.

G.I Effects Stool Analysis

-Considered to be the leading test on gastrointestinal microbe.

-Genova Diagnostics G.I Effects Stool Profiles covers Whole Gut Microbe Diversity

  • Infection
  • Inflammation
  • Insufficiency
  • Imbalance

-Each test can be tailored to your specific requirements

- Comprehensive and fully explained test results

-Suitable for the layperson with valid recommendations to heal the gut

- Complete status of what's happening in your intestines. An excellent overview with

  • yeasts,
  • moulds,
  • 22 key aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.

-An option to add in tests for leaky gut (Click to read), inflammation of gut lining, gliadin/gluten intolerance and immune function measuring Secretory IgA

- Contact me through the contact page - or text 07599520406

Natural supplements

- I recommend only the best products, some of which are "Practitioner Only". To take advantage of this opportunity, log on to the web site and upon checkout, submit the discount code CAS010 10% discount.


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