today is a gift free consultation
Come and join me for a FREE workshop Experience at first hand the extraordinary power of groups of people to influence with the power of intention
The workshop will be held at Blackwell Business Centre and will be free to everyone. Added benefits – I shall be teaching you how to use Energy Medicine to cope immediately with stress, be that internal stress or outside stressors. Also how to see if food is affecting your energy for the better or worse. AND, if there’s time – how to measure if you are grounded or not. Then if you are NOT grounded – to fix it!! Grounding is an important but mostly overlooked part of being fully in the moment, able to stand up straight and face the world. Simple effective Energy ways to help with life today.

Healing with intention has been done for millennia
What we are going to talk about – ABUNDANCE – what it means uniquely to you. It may be your health or it may be financial security
Positive abundance manifested in whatever and whichever way you intend.
Miraculous – definitely
Impossible – only if you let it be

To find out more email with your wish to attend
Places are limited so make sure you don’t miss out!
Everyone says that – but the room can only hold so many people!
I’d love to see you so don’t delay

To be part of this Intention experiment please email

Feeling the power of group intention is liberating. Best of all, it is great fun!
• Here’s what’s happening. We shall demonstrate the power of intention so that you can physically feel and see how intention as a group works
• The session will be held at The Training Centre, Blackwell Business Centre, 1 Blackwell Lane, Darlington DL£ 8QF
• Starts 1.30pm prompt and ends 2.30 – Thursday 8th November
You will leave knowing more than when your arrived! Plus a free paper with something you didn’t know.

Time will be given to ask questions and to register for the eight further sessions starting in the New Year – we shall talk about these briefly with an opportunity to sing up for them on the day after the workshop finishes.