What if I showed you a real life analysis…part 3 of Hair Mineral Analysis explained.

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Hair Mineral Analysis

Female aged 60

‘Life can sometimes get in the way!

Just when you think everything is running smoothly, you are feeling great, you also look great, the family seem happy (enough), something happens to set you back yet again!

Disasters come in many forms, plus one person’s disaster is just a walk in the park for another. We are all hard-wired differently and what matters is how you feel, not how other people say you should feel.

A lovely woman came to see me back in November 2014. She wasn’t feeling great, she felt exhausted and ‘Tired All The Time’. TATT is now a recognised medical description.

The Hair Mineral analysis showed elevated calcium and low magnesium (the first two lines). The calcium floating around in her blood would have a sedative effect on her whole body making her feel tired all the time.

Added to this would be the low levels of magnesium (second line), contributing to joint stiffness, dry skin and brittle hair plus constipation, something with which she had suffered for ages. It also indicated muscular tension – the most obvious sign being the volume and capacity of the bladder would be reduced. She would need to urinate frequently. This was EXACTLY what she was experiencing. She had to get up frequently at night to visit the toilet.  No sleep!

The next pair (lines 3 and 4) reflected sodium and potassium, indicating low stomach. Food would not be digested effectively with low stomach acid. The the stomach is the only organ in your body that is bathed in acidity to aid digestion of food. Weak acidity – poor digestion. Perhaps more import, she would have acid reflux.

Her programme of supplements given listed.  She reported improvements and I closed the file after three months.

Part 4 is about her return two and a half years later.  I’ll catch up with that as soon as possible.