Keeping surfaces clean (read warnings at end of blog).

ginger roots

ginger roots

COVID-19 is a lipid virus (meaning its single-strand RNA is enveloped in a bubble of lipid or fatty molecules).  It is highly susceptible to soap and disinfectants, as are most other viruses.

To begin, clean the surfaces first with simple soap and water. Once the surfaces are clean of dirt, seen or unseen, spray with your disinfectant on the surfaces and leave the disinfectant there for several minutes before wiping.

If your disinfectant is alcohol based, (probably best for protection against coronavirus) make sure it contains no more than 60% to 80% alcohol. For some reason higher concentrations are less potent.

I don not recommend chlorine disinfectants such as household bleach, which although they have broad anti-microbial effects and are potent killers of bacteria, fungi and VIRUSES, including influenza viruses, can produce noxious gases if accidentally mixed with other cleaners.

If you can get Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide it is probably the best anti-viral. However a second best is 3% hydrogen peroxide. It appears to be the most effective virucide overall, killing viruses in less than 30 seconds.

Other easy but effective home disinfectants include malt vinegar, distilled white vinegar in combination with 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Please take care with all disinfectants and NEVER mix bleach with other substances.

Bleach and vinegar — forms highly irritating chlorine gas

Bleach and ammonia — forms toxic chloramine gas

Bleach and rubbing alcohol — forms highly toxic chloroform gas



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