Adrenal exhaustion? Slow metaboliser? Hair Mineral Analysis part 5

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Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair

Sometimes our hair can be a barometer of our health. An under-active thyroid will first show up as hair loss, leading to thinning hair above the forehead and later towards the crown of the head. Someone who is experiencing ongoing tiredness will undoubtedly have a sluggish thyroid. They may have noticed hair shedding when brushing or washing hair. This is entirely different to male balding which is testosterone related.

If the adrenals are also not working effectively with a reduced secretion of hormones, fatigue and lethargy will take over, with signs of cold hands and feet, weight gain in hips and thighs and possibly a tendency towards viral infections (e.g.constantly getting colds). Life becomes a drag!

Do you ever wonder if you are getting the right nutrients? If you eat lots of vegetables, avoid gluten wherever possible and eat a healthy amount of oily fish and lean meats (or are vegetarian) you might think your diet is perfect. But what if some of those vegetables were ‘goitrogenic’ meaning they affect your thyroid? The current fad for eating raw liquidised vegetables means the goitrogenic levels can be too high in cruciferous vegetables.

The most common goitrogenic foods are broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, watercress, arugula, maca, radishes, daikon, turnips, collard greens and bok choy. Simply by steaming them you reduce the goitrogens. Then you can puree them if you prefer.

Allergies, or an ‘allergic-like’ reaction symptoms can vary. So someone might feel drowsy and another might have rashes, migraines or even arthritic pain, especially in the hands. This has been linked to the ‘Leaky gut syndrome’ but also to nutritional imbalances such as eating from a very small selection of foods each day. Plus you get a craving for the very food that cause you most harm. As yourself, what food can’t you live without and you probably have nailed the one that causes the most problems! Who said life was not fair! So true.

The food choices recommended within the report of the Hair Mineral Analysis provides a solid base from where you start your journey to healthier-for-you eating habits.

In the final blog I’m going to write about who should have a Hair Mineral Analysis.