Do you Have the Guts to be Happy?

The digestive tract, so from your mouth to your bottom! is not only affected by everything you eat, but perhaps more importantly, by everything you think as well


Have you ever heard the story of the Dr William Beaumont, a US Army surgeon whose patient, a Canadian trapper called Alexis St Martin, had a gun shot wound which would not heal? It allowed the good surgeon the opportunity to observe the unfortunate trapper’s gastric processes. From this Dr Beaumont was able to record the psychological, physical and immunological stresses on his patient’s gastrointestinal tract. It was a particular fascination for the doctor to see the impact stress had on his patient’s guts.

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The Value of Water in Health

Hydration is essential for rapid healing

It is a commonly held belief that health problems can be caused by a lack of vitamins and minerals. However, this may be an over simplification. The first point is that when the body is presenting an illness profile, there is as great a need for the body to detoxify first before adding in lots of supplements. It is probably more accurate to say that the toxic profile is more one of excess than lack of, so calcium in excess leads to misplacement of this vital mineral leading to osteoporosis, rather than it being a calcium deficiency per se.

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Are your Hormones Creating Havoc!

Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands, two small glands found at the top of each kidney. Everyone knows about adrenaline, few understand another important hormone Cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for diverse and highly important regulation of body functions. 

It controls the following:-

  • Regulation of glucose, protein and fatty acids including essential fatty acids

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Ancestral Influences on Health

Your ancestral lineage is embedded or coded into your DNA, and the imprints continue to impact in many ways on your life every single day. You are literally a compilation of all the beliefs and experiences of those who have gone before you, coloured through the lens of your own soul and its imprints. DNA activation is not just about the physical lineages. It is also about recognising and honouring the very real human beings who have passed through your own ancestral life. They all exist within you. Their lives, their joys, hopes, sorrows and loves echoe at the very essence of who you are.

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Electrolytes and Trace Minerals

Hair Mineral Analysis

Of the four main electrolytes – Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium, Magnesium is the most important in terms of needing to take a supplement. Why? Because it is deficient in most soils and therefore in most vegetables, even organic ones. It is one of the most important minerals in our body…

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The Kinesiology word!

Going through my darkest hours, back in the year 2002, a series of coincidences happened that ultimately changed the direction of my life for ever. I was part of a presentation on nutritional supplements, something very new to me, when this guy joined the seminar. In the nicest possible way, he was huge! He turned out to be the British Heavyweight Judo champion, had broken his neck just before the Barcelona Olympics, and had driven up from Gloucester to listen to the seminar. We used to look back and ask “Why?” because it was no small journey, about 250 miles. 

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Acid is the ruin of us!


What is meant by an “unbalanced terrain”? The term “terrain” was first used by the French physiologist Claude Bernard in the 19th century, who used the term for the body’s internal environment. He understood that since the body is mostly water, the terrain of the body is essentially an aqueous medium,…

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Stay a while!

Why come to see me?

Since this has to be the biggest question anyone who is thinking of seeing a Naturopath has to address I may as well write about it first. What does a naturopath do? Even more of a puzzle, how do you even pronounce ‘Kinesiology’ and what does that do? I hear these questions a lot! For my first blog post ever, I’ve chosen to write about Naturopathy. (More later on Kinesiology)

The Naturopathic approach is simple and pure: ‘Using nature to nurture’.

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