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Good Health doesn't happen by chance, it happens by appointment.

Are you still sitting on the fence? Don't hesitate a day longer! You may never find out what you are capable of achieving. If you have a level of commitment and desire to get well, your life will change. It is not a leap in the dark. I am there for you if the going gets tough.

What happens next? It's important for you to Register before your appointment. Then I start to make a bespoke programme for your health concerns.
To make life easier you can download the form to Register with me for a consultation

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The Consultation Fee programme

Please visit my shop to pay for your consultation on line. Or you are welcome to bring cash on the day by agreement.

Naturopathy and  Nutrition

Consultations are one and a half hours. You receive a portfolio of tried and tested ideas with recommendations. A genuine call to action. If you go to my shop there are packages which I recommend for consultations

£89.00  Click here to pay

Touch Base Appointment

For those times when you need to reach out between appointments to get support and reassurance. It's better to have a chat to sort out the problems before they become insurmountable then to leave them until you give up. Please be welcome to use this life-line but it has to be about what has happened in a previous appointment. The Touch Base Appointment   is not a substitute for a full consultation about what comes next!

£25.00 for 30 minutes. Click here to pay

Hair Mineral Analysis test

All testing is in addition to consultation fees. In my experience this is the best 'value for money' test currently available. Contact me to find out why.

£69.00 Click here to pay

Supplements are additional and can be purchased on line.

GI Effects Stool Analysis

Sometimes it is just so important to know what your microbiome is doing because it can help you manage your life - for the rest of your life. Don't think by 'not knowing' you are being decisive or brave. Being brave is fear in disguise. Better to know and be pro-active than to wish you had taken the first step.

The new G.I Effects Stool Profiles at £355.00 gives the most comprehensive digestive analysis compared to other laboratory testing indicating what is happening in your gastro-intestinal tract. This includes

  • infection, (do you have parasites or candida fungus)?
  • inflammation, (are you suffering from allergies, inflamed mucosal lining of the gut etc)?
  • insufficiency (are you able to break down and digest fats and protein)?
  • imbalances (diversity of bacteria is now recognised as key to good gut health)
  • fungi/yeast, butyrate and total Short Chain Fatty Acids

The report is presented in an easy to understand format for the layperson. With this report we can work together to bring your health back. It is amazing how knowledge empowers healing.

£355.00 Click here to pay

Microbiology Profiling for gastrointestinal tract

A valuable insight to find out if CANDIDA or PARASITES are disrupting gut health but much, much more. Why leave it to guess-work A 'state of the art' test on everything that is currently known about the Microbiome.

From £120.00  (depending on requirements)

Follow up treatments

All follow up treatments are one and a half hour appointments, unless agreed otherwise when fees are on a pro rata basis. The same diligence goes into any of my follow up appointments as I put into the first appointment.

£89.00 Click here to pay

Chakra Harmonisation

This subtle and relaxing treatment using Chi energy starts to transform habitual thinking laid down in early childhood. If I had to define it further I would describe it as Reiki with focus.  Negative thoughts can hold you back from achieving peace and harmony. As the Chakra harmonisation takes effect your habitual patterns of thinking start to change, which in turn changes how you see the world, and perhaps more importantly, how the world sees you. I recommend this work to anyone who cannot seem to resolve their health or life issues. it is truly transformation. As a recommendation, six consultations as a minimum with follow up consultations as the work progresses.

£89.00  Click here to pay

Supplements to complete the programme, including Phytobiophysic Formulas are additional


Consultations are a revelation of the journey of this life, through each stage of the evolution of what makes you who you are. Invaluable for those seeking deeper knowledge of the origins of their dis-stress. Readings will give a perspective into the Inherited Constitution of the person for whom the Chart is being given, which is dependent on ancestral influences, environment, evolution, occurrence, experience, accident and trauma. Negative experiences could be classified as keys which turn the lock of the heart which creates blockage and interferes with the free flow of energy.

Consultations are one hour


"My mission, and that of my Institute, is “to bring safe, affordable and ethical health care to the people of the world, and in particular, the children, using the natural resources of the planet; the infinite energy of flowers and plants.” Diana Mossop,  (founder of the Institute of Phytobiophysics and creator of The Mossop Philosophy

The Advanced BCX Ultra

The Rife machine as the BCX Ultra is also known is based on the work of Royal Rife. Whereas no claims can be made for the Rife Technology, it continues to be used in consultancies over the world because it works. To find out more please visit this page  Due to the nature of the programming, consultations are based upon frequencies required and fees reflect this. A half hour to one hour may be required depending on which frequencies are used. This treatment is only available in the Darlington Clinic.

£37.00 - £57.00

Natural Dispensary Supplements

Clients get access to a 10% discount on all supplements including some 'Practitioner Only' brands - a one-stop-shop for ease of ordering with an additional facility for me to send emails to you with your requirements for those who are not keen internet shoppers!  Priced per supplement

Corporate mindfulness workshops

Mindfulness has been recognised as a cost effective way to increase productivity in the workplace.

“You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”  Jon Kabat Zinn, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Could today’s fast paced technology in the workplace be causing health issues?

  • Stress is a health issue, we discuss what stress does.
  • Are we stressed by the flow of email, chat lines, virtual conferences and so on?
  • Do we cope well or do we become dependent upon external stimuli to HELP us to cope with work, keeping us sane and upright?

In addition to the Mindfulness Workshops, now Corporate Healthy Living Workshops

Would you like to help your staff:

  • Increase their energy and levels of concentration
  • Boost their immunity, reduce illness and absenteeism
  • Simple interventions to prevent type 2 diabetes and heart disease
  • Manage stress more effectively with Mindfulness and Nutrition
  • Recover from poor digestion
  • Strategies to recover and maintain a healthy weight

Workshop lasts one hour. Minimum of 5 attendees. Cost from £179 per hour with a Questions and Answers opportunity at the end.

Follow up programme to the above Wellbeing workshop.

Workshop lasts one and a half hours. Minimum of 5 attendees. See my separate page for more information.

Hair Mineral analysis and Genova Diagnostics Laboratory

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