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Have you ever sat around a campfire on a starlit night, listening to the sticks crackling in the flames? Looking up, did you have a sense of the hugeness of the Universe? The millions and trillions of stars revealed in the midnight sky. Of having a sense of belonging to something magnificent? Let me take you back to that sense of belonging and bring peace to your spirit.
Total wellness comes from the physical, mental and spiritual elements of our lives being in alignment. In much the same way as the stars and planets are in alignment.  There are many ways to encourage the strength of your Vital Force to return.  I will work with you to find the right path for you. Scroll down for information on Chakra Harmony using the power of kinesiology.

Mindfulness Workshops for Businesses

Mindfulness is becoming an increasingly useful tool in the workplace to help employees and teams work more effectively together.

I run hour-long group Mindfulness Workshops on your business premises. It includes:

–    a basic understanding of the principles of Mindfulness

–    how to manage stress in your work environment

–    ways to practice mindfulness in the workplace

–    three meditation sessions or customised to suit your workplace

https://www.cynthiasillars.co.uk/mindfulness-wellness-for-business/ Click here for more information.

https://www.cynthiasillars.co.uk/1595-2/ a blog on Mindfulness overcoming negative thinking.

Chakra Harmonisation – with Kinesiology

(Chakra – defined as energy/vibrational vortexes in the aura of a human)

We all have a a shadow of unresolved issues. These unresolved issues haunt us and hold us back from achieving our full potential. The Chakra Harmonisation encourages you to let go of old patterns of thinking. It makes a difference on every level of your being. Using Kinesiology (bio-resonance muscle feedback) I explore, discover and resolve the deepest held wounds we cannot remember. To support the healing, Phytobiophysic Flower and Plant essences (see below) support your journey.

Once Chakra Harmonization is completed, the work need never be repeated – you carry it with you for ever. See what people have reported in my Testimonials page

“Reclaim your freedom by living from ever deeper levels of your self,so that eventually soul and personality become authentic echoes of each other.”

Leslie Kenton

“You have the power in the present moment to change limiting beliefs and consciously plant the seeds for the future of your choosing. As you change your mind you change your experience.”

Serge Kabil King

mindfulness on the beach

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