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The Journey

Welcome! I am so pleased that you’ve taken the decision to take back control of your life. You’re probably feeling frustrated, exhausted, confused, overwhelmed, at the end of your tether and stuck in a health rut. In short, you just want to feel well again. You want to feel you are in safe hands that you can trust.

Your health is incredibly important, particularly as you enter your forties and fifties. What you do at this stage of your life can have a lasting impact on your well being as you enter your sixties, seventies and beyond. Finding clarity about your health, why it has failed you and how you can restore it will inspire you to move forward.

Whether you are in your teens or your seventies – or anywhere in between – I’m here to guide and inspire you so that you feel free, energised, balanced. In essence, the very best version of yourself.

Taking a holistic and comprehensive view of your history is the first step. We start with your birth right up to the present day. We explore the family influences from parents and grandparents. We identify triggers or key life moments that may have caused your health to break down and we look at your current lifestyle and ways of being. If this is the first time you have done this it can be a revelation in itself. It’s like the pieces of a jigsaw coming together to present a bigger picture.

Effective scientific tests – like hair mineral analysis, comprehensive stool analysis for biomarkers of poor digestion, malabsorption of fats, microbial imbalances causing gas, diahorea/constipation  and blood spot test for Essential Fatty Acid markers (a measure of inflammation pathways) are introduced. This is supported with sound nutritional advice based on Science not trends.

Once we have a clear picture of your immediate physical needs, I advise natural supplements or additional therapies to put you on the path to health. .

You can begin to explore ways your thoughts affect your health. The Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), Mindfulness, Meditation, Breathing exercises, all help you on your journey to health.

Total wellness comes from the physical, mental and spiritual spheres of our lives being in alignment. I provide a range of treatments to enhance your subtle energy pathways.

Hair Mineral analysis and Genova Diagnostics Laboratory

How I work

If you wish to find out more, please click here to Contact Me.

I have a Registration Form to complete (one version will be compatible with your computer) before the first consultation. This saves valuable time otherwise spent on admin.

Plus it gives me an opportunity to personalise a brochure for you with tried and tested advice to get you off to a flying start. 

I work from two clinics, one in Darlington, the other in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne. The google map for each clinic is on the Contact page to help you find the clinics.  

I offer Skype consultations and telephone consultations for those who cannot easily reach my clinics or for those who wish to follow up their first consultation in this way. 

I am now offering a Touch Base 30 minute appointment for a chat BETWEEN appointments to support you when the going gets tough. It is very important to me that you feel supported and cared for at all times when undergoing treatment.

– Your first appointment will last 90 minutes to allow us to explore deep and sometimes hidden reasons for health imbalances. Click here for consultation fees and programmes.

– A plan will be put together with recommendations of actions to take Right Now to get you started on a path to better health.

– The number of appointments you need is dependent on you. There is no one size fits all package. However I recommend investing in three consultations – The ‘Budle Bay Package’ on my Shop page. This is your health, you are worth the investment and following up is critical to becoming well again.

– Clients typically come for a minimum of three appointments in the first instance, but many of you will benefit from the Bamburgh Package of six appointments, taken either weekly  or monthly to achieve and maintain vibrant good health.

– If you aren’t sure this is right for you, please contact me by email and we can schedule a call to

– I advise at least a week between appointments to ensure any treatment recommendations have time to take effect.