Three consultations (with Hair Mineral Analysis)


The Hair Mineral Analysis Package comprises three simple steps on your journey to health. Together we plot your course steering you back to great health. This three part programme  includes the Hair Analysis of £75.00 and provides you with the confidence to take the first step towards recovery. Zoom Consultations offered. 
Committing to three consultations is an important acknowledgement that a lifetime of health issues cannot be resolved in one session. It increases your knowledge of how to manage your health giving you a degree of independence and confidence in your ability to cope with life.

If you wish to have a Hair Mineral analysis then this is the best way forward.


The Hair Mineral Analysis three consultations programme is the first step on the path leading to your recovery. Each consultation is approximately one hour long. This gives time to explore the root cause of your health problems. The fees include the Hair Analysis of £75.00. The best “value for money” test that I know of, it has a wealth of information not found by any other testing. It includes information on thyroid and adrenal function, whether you are digesting food well, your B12 status, your copper/zinc ratio, any toxic metals. Supported by a fully explained report which is yours to keep.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Quote Lao Tau

In our first consultation we go through your Registration form and make sure nothing has been missed. This gives a comprehensive view of your health and a perspective of your life you may never have seen before. This can be incredibly healing in its own right. We start with your birth right up to present day. We explore the family influences from parents and grandparents. We identify triggers or key life event that have contributed to your health breakdown. Then we explore your current lifestyle and find way to restore healthy eating patterns.

Hair mineral analysis is an invaluable way to find out hidden causes of health problems and FUTURE health problems.

Our Second Step

Your second appointment is going through the implications of the the Hair Analysis which you have had.

As a clear picture of your immediate physical needs becomes apparent, I recommend natural supplements or additional therapies to keep you on the path to health. .

Total wellness comes from the physical, mental and spiritual spheres of our lives being in alignment. Everything is designed to enhance your energy and feelings of well-being. To keep a track of how you are recovering a second follow-up consultation is recommended.

Across the Stepping Stones

Most importantly, your third appointment is about reviewing how you have managed plus what might help you further.  We spend time assessing your diet, checking the choices you made and we use this as a map to plot your way ahead.


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