Rife Machine

BCX Ultra Rife Machine

BCX Ultra

The Rife Machine is easy to use. People find it gives them a sense of deep relaxation after a few minutes of use. The Ray Tubes are held one in each hand with the feet placed on the metal plates. With the hand held Ray Tubes and the feet on the plates, a complete circuit is formed as the energy passes between the Ray Tubes/plates and through the body, guaranteeing a deeper penetration of frequencies. The Ray Tubes produce a much higher voltage than pad devices to carry the frequencies deeper into the body. The gas filled Ray Tubes produce a magnetic effect that is verifiable through testing. The Ray Tubes produce a soft, energetic, warm sensation. Simply watching the glasses as they pulse and flow creates a relaxing and softening effect.

Whereas no claims can be made for the Rife Technology, it continues to be used in consultancies across the world because it has a measurable effect on people’s vitality. To find out more please visit this page http://www.vitality.distribution.com/rife-technology  Due to the nature of the programming, consultations are based upon the number of frequencies required and fees reflect this. A half hour to one hour may be required depending on which frequencies are used.

The BCX Ultra or Rife Machine has a wide range of frequencies, from those to eliminate pain, to those for parasites, bacteria and viruses. There are also special programmes for Lyme Disease although no claims can be made for cure.