hair mineral analysis

Hair mineral analysis

Okay, I’ll admit it, I was fairly surprised myself when I resumed the story with the woman from Generation WE-WANT-IT-ALL. She had been to see me twice and received her first results, showed every sign of willingness to change and I had signed her off after three months.

This time she seemed worse, only subtle changes but my training is in spotting the subtle changes. Face reading, feeling a person’s mood, energy levels, it’s all part of what I do but less ‘scientific’ than the hair analysis. Good old fashioned intuition is vastly under-estimated as a skill these days!

We discussed her diet which was very good. A certain amount of alcohol but nothing excessive, what I would call culturally acceptable. She had stopped the secret smoking. She had stopped excessive use of B vitamins (high levels of cobalt) and yet she felt so anxious she was barely able to function. Had there been a crisis in her life, I wondered?  Yes – sort of!  It wasn’t big, just cumulative. Months and months of let’s just say ‘stuff’ to preserve anonymity. It had got under her skin so badly she began to believe her worst fears.

The test results confirmed her feelings. Her sodium and potassium were elevated and the overall pattern indicated an acute stress reaction (physical or emotional). In her case it was definitely emotional but physically she had worked herself into the ground and possibly both applied. Designer burn-out. Not great because it’s a horrible feeling.

The elevated cadmium was now only trace. She had managed to stop smoking after reading STOP SMOKING NOW by Alan Carr. Letting go of her fixation on high doses of B vitamins for nerves had resulted in good levels of cobalt. Her copper and zinc were in a better place. This was a genuine acute stress reaction.

Her programme was tiny. Less is more when people are stressed. The most important advice I could give her was techniques and ideas to help her relax and sleep. Mindfulness is an important part of my programme and she has begun to be ‘present in the here and now’. Worrying about the past, fretting about the future, missing the point of life which is right here, right now.

These ideas and others are now in place and she is beginning to feel better. She is coming back again for a re-test. The recommended time is two months because she is likely to  improve quickly.  Then she will be able to go on a bigger programme of supplements to get her up and running again. And her diet remains really good.

Part 5 coming soon – what is a good diet? How to interpret the programme for eating well for your analysis.