Testimonials – What my clients say

“Thankful!” – is the number one word my clients use to describe how they feel after one of my sessions. That’s because they are truly heard and respected. I help you understand the cause of your health issues and set you on the path to correct the imbalance.

You’ll feel calm, more in control, inspired, overcoming fear, more knowledgeable and you will begin to see  see signs of improved health.

Here’s what some of my clients have had to say:

“Cynthia has a rare sensory gift, and quickly ascertained the root causes of health problems I was having during University, when many traditional doctors couldn’t work out what was wrong. She was incredibly thoughtful and caring, and went above and beyond to really build a holistic picture of me. She was instrumental in my recovery and I couldn’t recommend her more highly”.

In all honesty you truly were the most wonderful ‘doctor’ I’ve ever met, and I felt blessed to have found you at a time I was really struggling with my health, so if I could have a support again like you I feel I would be a much healthier individual. I will reach out to Diana and thank you again for all of your help. Freddie (London)

“I just wanted to thank you for all the time you spent on me today, you’re so nice and it was so refreshing to have someone so enthusiastic about fixing me for a change, I felt positive and upbeat afterwards..first time in yonks”

— Gavin, South Shields

“For me healthcare isn’t about just treating the symptoms, it’s about finding out what kind of imbalance in the body caused the ailment in the first place. And that’s the reason I like her approach to health and wellness so much; she’s like a detective sifting through all the clues to find the root cause of any health issues. My experience with Cynthia has left me feeling empowered about my own health – and that’s a wonderful  feeling”

__ Anne McClaren, South Shields

“I had one session with Cynthia where she advised on basic changes I could make to my diet. I have been about 90% gluten free, cow’s dairy free and sugar for six months and found that after two months I notices substantial improvements in my energy levels and moods relating to PMT. In turn this has freed me up to exercise more this past winter with all the resulting benefits from that too.
This has been after suffering with PMT for 25 years for up to 12 days a month. so the improvement is a real relief.
(Naturopathy and Advice for Life)”

— Liz D Harrogate

“The report and all its findings is TOTALLY AMAZING. This has got to be one of the most radical, insightful methods of healing  around. I’ve taken on the dietary changes you have advised and already feeling so much better…cant wait to see how I’m going to feel after taking all the supplements…really excited and full of hope. Thank you so much for all your wonderful knowledge and expertise on health, I feel very grateful and fortunate to have met you.
(Naturopathy and Hair Mineral Analysis)”

— Kate, Harrogate, Hair Mineral Analysis

“I was admitted to hospital on Christmas Day 2007, to the High Dependency Unit, with pneumonia. I was seriously ill and remained there for eight days and a further 6 days on a chest ward. When I left hospital my immune system was very low and I was extremely weak. I also suffered severe hair loss. Cynthia was able to advise and prescribe the necessary supplements to boost my immune system and help me regain my strength. My hair also grew back and it is back to being in very good condition. She was there throughout my recovery to make sure I was making good progress. I cannot express how much her encouragement and help meant to me.I am certain I would not have made such a quick recovery without her expert knowledge and treatment. I continue to take a maintenance supplement as recommended by Cynthia.I have no hesitation in recommending Cynthia, she definitely played a huge part in my recovery and I have complete confidence in her. Her ability to get to the root of my problems was amazing. Thank you”.
(Chakra Harmonization and Nutritional supplements including Phytobiophysic Formulas)”

— Anne C

It really was just a few days before we could say there was a noticeable improvement in her. Honestly what a relief it was. It was like a great weight of sadness had been lifted off her shoulders.

I am so intrigued as to how and what is going on here – it’s amazing! I was also purposefully holding back on the feedback until XXXX went back to school as changes in her routine really do seem to affect her. But she has taken it all in her stride so far! Of course , we still have some days when she is teary and she and we don’t know why but they are very much happening a lot less often…

(Chakra Harmonising)

                                            EF, Mother  of 6 year old

Dear Cynthia

I am writing to say thank you so much for everything you did for my Mam. I am sad to tell you that Mam passed away last October. The MND spread quickly through her body.

However I wanted you to know how much she appreciated your help, as did we all. We are very grateful that you gave us something positive to focus on in such difficult circumstances. Mam implemented your advice with such gusto, she never gave up and never stopped smiling.

I hope your business is still thriving and you are enjoying your work. Also that you and your family are well.

best wishes

LS (document on file)

Nutrition and Kinesiology (Chakra healing)

“I went to see Cynthia after struggling to get an NHS diagnosis for my constant fatigue, low mood and associated health problems. I have always found Cynthia to be knowledgeable and professional but also a caring person. I particularly value her holistic approach to my problems and feel that this has contributed hugely to improvements in my health. I would highly recommend Cynthia to others seeking to manage their own health problems.
(Hair Mineral Analysis and Chakra Harmonization)”

— Carol C

“I have been working with Cynthia for over two years. She helps me optimise my diet and fuelling in order to strengthen and sustain my full on life style. Cynthia really does understand human body chemistry and how, with correct care, to prevent and overcome illness and in my case maximise my health, fitness and strength. We are all ‘connected’ so her work impacts mind, body and spirit. I really look forward to my sessions with Cynthia, they are a tour de force of maximising my potential and I leave supercharged for the next three months.
(Naturopathy, Hair Mineral Analysis and Opti-0-3 Blood spot test)”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       — Dave Stitt, athlete and performance coach

“Having attended hospital for a CT scan which determined that I had borderline heart/vascular problems it was suggested that I begin a programme of aspirin/statins. However when I told my consultant that I was already on a programme from my Naturopath (Cynthia) to deal with these problems, the consultant was both interested and applauding my choice not to take the statins as so many do without hesitation and without being offered or advised of any alternatives. I am both confident and comfortable with my choice
Naturopathy and Advice for Life”

— Ann, Newcastle clinic

“I have recently completed the 14 day detox and have had some fantastic results. Having suffered from period pain and a heavy flow; for the first time in what feels like a very long time, this has all stopped. I feel normal again! I also lost those last few pounds of weight that are difficult to shift (especially as we all get a little older!). I didn’t even think about it and didn’t do any additional exercise.

I thought I would have struggled with the programme as I travel with work a lot, but it was easy. The three day soup/juice was the easiest part, because there was a lot less thinking involved of “cooking foods” and I even travelled overnight on one day. I took my prepared soup (in a thermos flask) asked the hotel to store it for me and heat it for me for my supper! I have now permanently reduced my coffee intake and have decaf instead; dairy products don’t feature highly in my diet and meat has taken a slight reduction too. It’s amazing how something like this can have such a positive influence and a shift in the mind-set”.

I’m now looking forward to doing my pre-Christmas detox…

Mrs Clough, Darlington