The Flower Formulas of Diana Mossop

I have long been an enthusiast of Dame Professor Diana Mossop. Her Flower Formulas, plus many other formulas, are “Vibrational Remedies”, Designed to support emotional, mental and spiritual recovery in a totally safe, gentle way, they are the cornerstone of my Chakra work. Olive Love 

Called the Phytobiophysics, they are the result of a life long study of wild flowers and their power to heal. Diana is a deeply thoughtful person. The more she studied health problems, the more she realised that a fundamental cause of illness lay in unhappiness. It is my belief that many illnesses stem from unhappiness. Some of it may be long forgotten but even so, it is stored in the aura of that person. They do not remember the root cause of their feelings of unhappiness.

The Special Care formulas are especially for these people. Special Care – Olive Love is support for the core issues of breathing. It is particularly relevant now, where one may be mourning the death of a loved one, or ones lost freedom, or useful employment. OLIVE LOVE is a master formula, it supports all the fontanels and centre points of the body, in particular the THIRD EYE brow charka, and the emotional level.

To quote from her web site “Olive leaves are reputed to have remarkable healing properties. They have the capability of dealing with harmful bacteria, fungi, yeasts, parasites and viruses, but do not attack the good bacteria in the gut we need for digestion – a very unusual property. In fact, olive leaf extract nurtures the good bacteria. Since there is no known medical cure for virus the thought of this benefit is a wonderful prospect”.

I agree with her! Please get in touch if you wish to find out more. I am here to help you.

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